Uniform and Badges


 The Scouts uniform consists of a shirt, scarf and belt. Below the waist is the wearer’s choice including footwear. At Gumdale we ask that consideration be given to wearing school shorts and appropriate closed in shoes. 

 No board shorts or camouflage shorts.  No thongs for footwear please 

The Uniform is very distinctive and each Section of Scouting has its own version.  Each Section is identified by the colour of the ‘yoke’ or shoulder of the shirt; tan for Joey Scouts, yellow for Cub Scouts, green for Scouts, maroon for Venturer Scouts and Leaders uniforms are navy blue. 


Once you have decided that your son or daughter want to become a ‘fully invested’ Scout (Joey, Cub or Scout) then you will need to purchase a uniform.  Please make sure that you discuss this first with the Group Leader who will advise on the most appropriate sectional colour for your son or daughter. 


Uniforms are purchased online from The Scout Shop at https://scoutshop.com.au  


 When purchasing a uniform for your child please purchase the following items: 


Shirt (each section of Scouting has a different shirt. Our Leaders will let you know which one to get) 


 ‘Other Items’ 

Queensland Scarf 

Queensland Woggle 

Books & Stationery
Record Book (only for Cubs, Scouts & Venturers) 

Do not purchase a uniform until you have submitted the necessary paperwork to register your child.
  Ask our Leaders when it is time to purchase a uniform. 


Upon investiture, a set of badges will be given to a new member to go on their uniform (the Group pays for these). There will also be a sheet outlining the location of these badges & where they are to be placed or you can download the instruction sheet from the Group website gumdale.scoutsqld.com.au  

Each section has a system of badges that all youth members can earn.
  This ‘system’ is called the Award Scheme and it is intended to encourage young people to strive for a higher level of understanding or expertise over a multitude of activities.   

Most badges are earned by participating in the regular program.
  This includes camps and various outings that your son or daughters section go on. 

Some sections also have some work they can do at home, relying on the parent to write a note to say that the youth completed a set task at home.

Throughout the life of a youth member, they will continually earn badges so ask your son/ daughter where they are worn – better still get them to sew them on!

As each Scouting Section has its own uniform you may want to keep the old uniform as a memento of their journey through that section.  If you need an additional set of Group Badges you can obtain these through the section leaders.  There will be a charge for these additional badges. 


Badge Placement