Meet a Gumdale Venturer Scout Leader- Karen Richter

Karen Richter

How long have you been in Scouts?

2 ½ years

Were you a youth member before you became a Leader?


What prompted you to become a Venturer Leader?

I have been a parent helper since my son joined Joey Scouts 10 years ago. When he became a Venturer Scout there was a need for a Venturer Scout Leader and I saw an opportunity to further help the Gumdale Scouts by becoming a uniformed leader.  

What do you like most about being a Venturer Leader?

Being able to work with the Venturers to develop their leadership and life skills. 

What are the key benefits of being a Venturer Leader?

Working with the kids and the other leaders 

What has been your best Venturer memory so far?

Nighthawk – I love the spontaneous conversations and laughter around the campfire 

What is your favourite movie?

James Bond 

What is your favourite food?