Every Scout Group across Australia is totally self-funded. Funds for each Group are generally raised from annual subscriptions/fees and fundraising activities of the Group.

Many Scout Groups charge a family levy to help cover the cost of insurance for the facility and equipment. At Gumdale, due to the partnership with the Gumdale and District Progress Association we DO NOT charge a family levy and we are always looking for ways to minimise costs. 


Scout Association Membership Renewal Fee 
Each year on the 31st March (end of the Scout Year) each member is required to pay an annual membership renewal fee to the Scout Association of Australia, Queensland Branch. 

For existing are as follows: 
1st Child                                                  $135.00 
2nd Child                                                $130.00 

3rd & subsequent children             $125.00 

The fee for all members that join the Group from 1st January 2018 to 31st March 2019 the fees are as follows: 

Jan 2018 

Feb 2018 

Mar 2018 

Apr 2018 

May 2018 

Jun 2018 







Jul 2018 

Aug 2018 

Sep 2018 

Oct 2018 

Nov 2018 

Dec 2018 







Jan 2019 

Feb 2019 

Mar 2019 





All Youth Members enrolling in January, February and March 2018 will pay the below fee and will then
 be invoiced the renewal fee in April 2017 in line with renewal fees as published in the section above.  An invoice for this payment will be issued for each child. 

Section Subscriptions 
Each week the Sections use a number of resources such as craft materials, first aid equipment, maps, ropes etc.  These are all used to enhance the Scouting experience for your son or daughter.  To assist with the purchases of these materials, the normal practice is payment of a weekly subscription.  This usually varies from $3.00 to $5.00 depending on the Group situation. 

At Gumdale this subscription is $40.00 for the 1
st Child and $30.00 for any additional children per term. This payment will be payable at the commencement of each term and an invoice for this payment will be issued to each family by the Group Treasurer. 

Note that Gumdale Scouts will operate terms as per the public school system, approximately 40 weeks per year unlike sports clubs that charge for a 10-15 week season.

Please note that all fees are to be paid promptly.  For camps and activities payment is made on receipt of the camp/activity notification (we do not invoice for these) and must be paid on or before the due date.  If payment is not received do not expect your child to attend the camp/activity unless prior arrangement has been made.

Making Payments to the Group

Payment to the Group is to be by direct credit to the Group account. The details are: 

Bank                                       Westpac Banking Corporation 

BSB                                          034-036 

Account No                         278464 

Account Name                   Gumdale Scout Group 

We will advise what ‘narrative/comment’ you will need to put on your credit so we can identify your payment. 

Payments at Westpac
If you are making a payment at a Westpac Branch please advise the teller to put the last 4 digits of your child’s membership number on the credit (most banks can do this but only numeric ’s and not letters) and also please advise the Group Treasurer at gumdaletreasurer@gmail.com


Credit Card Payments
The Group is currenlty investigating credit card payment and will advise all members once this is in place


Cheques and Cash
Please note that we DO NOT accept cheques or cash payments